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Goodnight Moon
  • effingtomb:


    If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

    I literally can’t believe this exists there are tears in my eyes that I don’t remember crying

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  • Me @ your funeral

  • This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die, your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you feel a range of emotions. Tragically beautiful.

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    im craving dicks right now my life is hard

    i just realized if you dont live in washington you have no idea what im talkING ABOUT DICKS IS A BURGER JOINT


    Its funny cause you knew damn well everyone else would take this wrong you just said it for attention you note hungry little whore

    you just got called a whore by tumblr user cum-guzzling-gutterslut

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  • spring2000:

    me: *puts one hand on my hip*
    everyone: omg are you a model??

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  • lanamusic:

    Preview of Jessica Lange (Elsa) singing Gods and Monsters by Lana for Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow.